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Just had a mini revelation about this humnax neccessity of sleep:

1. The most profound of these being, I seem to sleep/dream more than most because It’s when I’m under nobodies thoughts but my own. Free reign. All my suppressed emotions, actions and desires come back alive.

2. Number two, serious but silly one one is actually meant to sleep before they feel this feeling of being tired. yawning? rubbing eyes?  You should already be asleep.

3. Thirdly you will do your body mind and perhaps your ‘soul’ this being some of us feel is within the body a world of good to allow our minds time to run wild whilst our eyes are closed.

So that’s it.


Gotta leave a mark

can’t afford to die unremarkable

ya feel me?

So I’m taking this one chance

and Imma kill it 

If it kills me

"If I have a daughter she will in no way, shape or form ever be bought a blonde haired, blue eyed doll, not on my life. Only to grow up and be asking me to buy her long wavy hair and contact lenses. I can’t have it."

— Hz (@RichardKolapo)

Poetry Draft #?

Some people have got eyes but they cant see. Hes got lungs but an ocean of emotions. How might the man breathe?

Whenever I’m writing poetry to a beat I always find myself talking about a girl that doesn’t exist. Sometimes I picture someone but I don’t feel that way about them

Right Above It

I’m 10 flights above you 

That’s the top floor.

I’m perched on the ledge of the window.

So I can see more

I see your exit & entrance.

Your in & outs of each door.

What you left behind

Things your yet to find.

I can anticipate the backstabbing, karma, love & drama

Silently spectating.

Noting, analysing, reflecting.

I sit there

Right above it.

"All we really are: 1. The things we believe in
& 2. What we do to support them."